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May 2018


The Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) is a national, voluntary, non-political and non-profit organisation and was established on 24 January 1981.

CHASA has 22 member associations affiliated to the organisation countrywide with a total membership of well over 18 000. It is acknowledged on a national basis by the Ministries of Safety and Security and of Environmental Affairs and is also accredited by the South African Police Service. The mission of the organisation is to promote sustainable, ethical hunting through responsible leadership and co-ordination of activities of member associations. CHASA provides guidance in the representation of hunters with the aim to secure the ‘freedom to hunt’.

The strategic aims of the association are:

  • Conservation through sustainable utilisation.
  • Promotion of a culture of ethical hunting.
  • Representation of hunters at national level.
  • Excellence in education and training.
  • Standardisation in products and outputs.

CHASA provides minimum training standards for: Dedicated status for hunting, sport shooting and handgun sport shooting, junior hunters, bow hunters, wing game hunters, handgun hunters, black powder hunters, shotgun hunters, official trophy measurers and shooting range officers.

The objectives of the association is to encourage and promote the following:

  • To act as co-ordinator for and mouthpiece of the actions of its entire membership and member associations.
  • To promote co-operation between member associations in order to serve the best interests of the entire membership.
  • To promote the general image of hunters in exercising their hunting activities in an ethical way.
  • To ensure a high standard of knowledge and expertise among members of member associations, by establishing uniform proficiency training.
  • To lay down uniform rules for the entry and judging of hunting trophies and to keep a collated database of entries (SA Record Book).
  • To negotiate – for the benefit of all its members – with government or any other authority on current or proposed legislation which may threaten the rights of a hunter or the owner of a firearm.
  • To negotiate – for the benefit of all its members – with government authorities to retain or acquire hunting rights for the benefit of all its members.
  • To co-operate nationally and internationally with other organisations and institutions which pursue objectives similar to that of CHASA.
  • To promote conservation, replenishment and sustainable utilisation of game and promote wildlife in general.
  • To promote hunting ethics as a high priority.
  • To negotiate hunting opportunities, destinations and benefits for members. (Refer to database on CHASA website).
  • To promote the members’ compliance to all acts, regulations and ordinances relevant to hunting and nature conservation.
  • To promote the publication of events within the hunting environment in order to further enhance the image of the hunter.
  • To determine uniform standards for services and awards.
  • To equip members with knowledge and expertise necessary to make an effective contribution to conservation and to promote and protect the future of hunting.

CHASA renders specific services to member associations with regards to:

  • Dedicated hunter status in compliance with the Firearms Control Act (FCA) as well as sport and handgun sport shooting.
  • Collate trophy data for publication in the SA Record Book.
  • Set standards for competitive shooting with hunting rifles. (Annual Inter Association Shooting Competition involving 224 participants countrywide.)
  • National recognition and awards to hunters and conservation, e.g. Musgrave Award, Presidents Award, etc.
  • Collate data on hunting opportunities. (A link has been submitted to member associations to put on their websites.)

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Publication: May 2018

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