Grain SA Congress 2020

Published: 6 February 2020

Nico Vermaak, manager: Corporate Services, Grain SA

Alzena Gomes
public relations officer, Grain SA

The Grain SA Congress for 2020 will be presented at NAMPO Park, Bothaville, on 4 and 5 March with the theme ‘Farmers Contribute’. This is an opportunity for Grain SA to consult with South African grain producers regarding challenges in the grain and oilseed industry. Keynote speakers will be confirmed prior to the Congress and the second day will also be used for breakaway sessions for all grain and oilseed commodities.

Delegates to Congress
The congress is constituted by 376 delegates from 33 regions and the constitution makes provision for representation on the basis of levies paid per region. The number of delegates per region is amended annually by the calculation of the three-year sliding average of levy payments per region.

Membership fees and the commodity levy are paid annually from 1 March to the end of February, when the financial year for membership fees and levies ends. The status of membership is determined by the payments received until the end of February that precedes Congress. No payments for membership fees will be accepted on the day of registration or during the congress.

The current membership fee for commercial members is R1 000 plus VAT as well as the commodity levy. Enquiries regarding the status of membership can be addressed to Patricia Zimu (administration officer: Levies, Grain SA) at 086 004 7246.

At the regional meetings before Congress, delegates from the regions are nominated to attend the event.

Please contact Nico Vermaak for any enquiries at 086 004 7246.