‘WE ARE’… because of you!

Published: 9 June 2023

Alzena Gomes
public relations officer, Grain SA alzena@grainsa.co.za

On the eve of NAMPO 2023 Grain SA launched a refreshed brand identity on NAMPO Park. This process, which started over two and a half years ago, aimed to realign and reaffirm the relevance of the organisation to its members, stakeholders, and the broader grain value chain.

The new brand identity specifically speaks to the significance of the organisation as a collective, ensuring that grain producers can produce sustainably and profitably for food security, prosperity, and stability.

Stronger together
The new identity contains the mathematical ‘≥’ sign which implies that the organisation’s members are stronger together than the single voice out there. It further indicates that the collective exists because of the organisation’s grain-farming members. But it also recognises the equality as its farmers are not measured by the size of their land or by their crop yield – not one grain farmer is more important than another. This unified voice resonates authenticity and relevance, and the refreshed logo speaks of the dynamics of grain and oilseed production in South Africa.

Chief executive, Dr Pieter Taljaard, said that the organisation’s new identity further supports its strategic focus which aims to influence economic sustainability, grow and support developing grain farmers in becoming commercially sustainable and, importantly, increase the involvement of younger grain producer members. ‘Grain SA is the voice of the collective – of reason, hope, gratitude and a sustainable future. It is the South African grain producer’s informed voice,’ Dr Taljaard added.

The new brand identity featured at NAMPO will be phased in to all departments of Grain SA over time.

Staying relevant
The new Grain SA brand identity portrays the organisation’s entire brand personality, its values and the consistent striving to build on the rich and trusted history since its inception. This has created the path to be recognised as a thought leader and an organisation that exists for – and as a voice that speaks with – the grain producers of South Africa.

‘We are’ echoes the organisation’s intention to universalise and strengthen both the Grain SA and NAMPO brands and to be an authentic and relevant representation of grain production in the broader sense.

‘Grain SA has always been a dynamic organisation and it is important that we now adapt to changing times in order to remain relevant to all grain producers in South Africa,’ Derek Mathews, chairman of Grain SA, said during the launch. Although the new identity graced the site during NAMPO, it will be phased in over time.

Chief executive, Dr Pieter Taljaard, at the launch of the new brand identity.