Together we farm for your future

Peet van der Walt, on behalf of Pannar
Published: 4 May 2022


You may have noticed Pannar has made a slight, but significant change to our tagline from ‘together we farm for THE future’ to ‘YOUR future’. We believe it better demonstrates our focus on the producer’s success and sustainability.

Producers are an asset of great value and play a vital role in the prosperity of our country. When we sit down to a delicious meal, it is easy to perceive the role they play in our lives, but on closer inspection, producers provide more than just sustenance.

The very life and vitality of South African’s rural areas are closely linked to the presence of the farming sector, which employs and provides income to thousands of people living in these areas. Farming has a dramatic, positive effect on rural economies, being closely tied to manufacturing, local industries, various services, tourism and trade. What is more, agriculture influences our economy on an extremely broad base. It safeguards our food security, strengthens our national economy, has a positive effect on education, training and the development of entrepreneurial potential, while supplying jobs directly and indirectly to a large percentage of our population. In these many ways, farming ultimately contributes to the stability and sustainability of our rural areas and towns.

At Pannar, we recognise that the competitive and dynamic farming sector demands growth and support, both upstream and downstream. Farming requires input in the form of seed, fertilisers, agrochemicals, animal feed, agricultural machinery and more, resulting in many of these industries depending on the farming sector for their very survival. Downstream, farming provides outputs that are processed as food products and non-food products. The food chain itself is substantial, reaching from processing to food distribution, food retail and food services – again providing employment to millions of individuals.

The non-food sector covers fibre, construction material, textiles, wood products, paper and raw materials derived from farm-produced products. These are used in almost every product manufactured today. Thus, farming outputs processed downstream may include packaging, transport, trade and more. Recently, renewable energy production is becoming increasingly important.

Although agriculture’s contribution to GDP (gross domestic product) is approximately 2,5%, the value chain associated with our farming sector is vast and makes a huge contribution to our country’s prosperity. As a sector it continuously generates new wealth because producers have the skills and science to cultivate the soil and produce crops by utilising air, water, soil and sunshine and turn these into commodities.

It all comes down to you – the producer
You need to demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, persistence, resilience and hard work, regardless of what nature and life throw at you. You proudly cultivate the soil, grow crops, and raise livestock to provide work and food for millions. On any given day, you are more than just a producer. You’re also a vet, botanist, mechanic, accountant, marketing expert and high stakes risk manager – not to mention family man and friend. You are a respected businessperson and esteemed individual in your community, lovingly preserving the environment for our future generations.

That’s why at Pannar we are steadfast in our commitment to you, the producer.

Together we farm for your future.