NIBBOB® – Fence Alert Technologies


Heinrich Dry is the founder and co-owner of the new patented concept NIBBOB®

He wanted a solution to detect and determine the exact location of an intruder once a property’s fence alarm is triggered. Be one step ahead of intruders by having an early warning product or system, which would warn the property owner of the criminal activities as they took place. He wanted the system to not just pinpoint the intruder’s exact-whereabouts, but have the option to instantaneously notify pre-specified friends, family, neighbours, community watch forum and/or subscribed armed response companies that the particular household, farm or company, might be in trouble.

Upgrading and improvement on safety in our day and age became a constant necessity!

Most are familiar with the mechanisms and use of electric and agricultural fencing, which have been around for many years. NIBBOB® offers a product range with newly developed early warning technology that is custom made to suit all types of tension-wired installations. NIBBOB® ’s brain and trigger are protected in a durable translucent casing, which has proven to retain its original form when exposed to all elements of nature and animals.

NIBBOB® ’s user-friendly fence-alert technology range can be easily installed on all new and existing fences. No electric connection or cables are required, NIBBOB® operates on a single button battery.

NIBBOB® Product Range

NIBBOB® LED units are fitted with a LED light. In the event of an intruder tampering with your fence, your existing alarm system will be activated and a LED light, build into the unit, will instantly start flashing. For the homeowner, NIBBOB® LED will pinpoint the exact location where the tampering has occurred. This bright LED light, shining through the translucent casing, can be seen from a distance and will flash for six minutes before resetting itself.

NIBBOB® LED will also alert your subscribed armed response company or community crime watch forum on patrol, who will see the flashing LED light driving towards your property, identifying where to look first.

NIBBOB® Notification units which includes the LED light, offers an additional preprogrammed wireless notification system that activates your alarm as soon as there is tension on your fence wires. In conjunction with your alarm, the LED light will start flashing and a SMS notification will be sent to your preprogrammed numbers informing the recipients of possible perpetrators at your premises.

No SIM card is required for NIBBOB® Notification to send SMS notifications, all notifications are sent from an application downloaded on your Smartphone. This intelligent software will allow you to upload the numbers that should receive a SMS in an event of tampering, and will notify the owner when the battery on a specific unit is running low and needs to be replaced.

NIBBOB® Compact is a NIBBOB® Notification unit without the LED light that is suitable for any thickness of fencing conductor wire used.

What makes NIBBOB® Compact particularly impressive is the unit’s activation ability when a perpetrator cuts the fence, making NIBBOB® Compact the best solution for non-electric fencing used in the agricultural sector.

Each NIBBOB® Notification and NIBBOB® Compact unit can be named on the Lora or Sigfox Smartphone application, thus enabling the owner to know exactly where the tampering occurred. This “location naming feature” is especially worthwhile for farmers who can name an area, for example “Rhino North Camp” and immediately know where possible poachers might be perpetrating.

NIBBOB® might not just save your belongings, but you and your loved one’s lives! When you can’t reach your phone and nobody can hear you scream, rest assure that NIBBOB® has notified your pre-specified list of friends, family, neighbours, community watch forum and armed response on your behalf!

How does it work? Click on the image to see a video:


Heinrich Dry
Cell: 072 217 4774