Improve fuel quality – “clean, protect & polish”

Zintle Makeng
Published: 29 July 2021


Get it clean. Keep it clean. Deliver it clean.

  • Prevent problems before they occur
  • Protect your infrastructure investment

Diesel is an organic substance that weakens over time due to a build-up of bacteria and algae incompatible with today’s high specification diesel engines. These impurities, together with water and rust particles caused by corrosion, often block filters and fuel pumps and damage fuel injectors. The inevitable result being downtime or engine failure.

Donaldson’s Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions assists in reducing costly component replacement, preventing unplanned downtime as well as improving fuel efficiency by reducing injector wear.

Fuels and Lubricant based products often become contaminated within bulk storage facilities or during transportation of product. Reliable fuel filtration technology is essential to ensure fuel cleanliness throughout the distribution process and on-vehicle.

“Clean, Protect & Polish “is the foundation or design concept for our Donaldson Filtration Solutions in achieving Cleaner Fuels, says Philip Craig, Sales Manager at Donaldson Head Office Longmeadow, JHB.

Donaldson’s Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions Help Reduce Total Cost of Equipment Ownership.

CLEAN at the Inlet – “Most EFFECTIVE place to filter “
The diesel in your tank represents a significant investment. Why risk contaminating it by receiving a load of fuel with excessive levels of dirt, water, soft solids or bugs? Stop contamination before it stops you.

PROTECT in Tank – “Keep water and dirt out of the tank during storage “
Protect your diesel investment while it is in your bulk storage tank. Install T.R.A.P. breathers with integrated high efficiency air filtration. These breather filters reduce the risk of moisture and contaminants entering the bulk storage tank from the vent so that fluids are kept clean and dry.

POLISH at Outlet – “Most CRITICAL place to filter – keep contaminant out of your equipment “
Clean your fuel one last time just before it enters the equipment. Point of use filters polish or remove any contaminants that may have been picked up in storage or during final transfer. This is the most critical place to filter, as it is the last safeguard before the fuel passes into your equipment.

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