Cut costs with the Kelly Tillage System

Ashley Whitfield, SA distributor, Kelly Engineering
Published: 4 August


The Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool for preparing your lands from after harvest until planting. Producers can expect to avoid the high costs of traditional methods and begin improving soil health.

Whether it is residue management, weed control (including volunteers), moisture management or creating the perfect seedbed, this unique tillage system offers a range of chains to suit your needs – resulting in a better seedbed for a better bottom line.

With ever-increasing input costs, including herbicide, fuel, maintenance and labour, as well as pressure to plant your crop in a shorter window period, producers are turning to the Kelly Tillage System. Herbicides will come and go and be a cost on an annual basis, but the Kelly is a once-off expense, here to stay and assisting producers to reduce inputs and therefore maximise profits.

The Kelly Diamond Harrow (6 m – 24 m) in action.
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At Kelly Engineering, sustainable agriculture is our mission. That means improving soil health now and for future generations. It is not the short-term cost that counts, it is the long-term savings and advantages that pay off your Kelly. We are proud to say that we are built up to a standard by producers, for producers, to ensure we stay on the land. Plan for the future. ’n Boer maak ’n plan!