Custom solutions for BULK storage

Hanno Moolman, Silo Warehouse
Gepubliseer: 11 June 2020


Silo Warehouse specialises in solving your grain storage and handling needs, whether it is small feed bin-like storage or large commercial storage.

Silos, dryers, cleaners and a range of special handling equipment are imported from top manufacturers in the world, namely Symaga in Spain, Cool-seed in Brazil, Morillon in France and Scafco Corporation in the United States of America.

All handling equipment and the necessary complementary equipment like gantries, catwalks, A-frames and walkways are supplied by Silo Warehouse. Bucket elevators are fully galvanised and available in capacities from 5 mt/h up to 500 mt/h on the standard equipment. Chain, belt and screw conveyors are also available with capacities ranging from 1 mt/h up to 200 mt/h.

By using the new grain cooling technology, you can become part of a new eco-friendly way of safely storing your grain, seed and animal feed. Huge cost savings on fumigation and prevention of mass loss on your products are additional benefits.