STAALMEESTER shows its vast range of equipment at NAMPO

Valerie Cilliers, editor, SA Graan/Grain
Published: 5 Junie 2024


Founded in 1951, Staalmeester is one of the oldest agricultural machinery manufacturing companies in Southern Africa. Today Staalmeester is a well-established business located in Hartbeesfontein in the North-West province.

The company manufactures and imports equipment that serves the agricultural equipment needs of small and medium producers.

JF, a Brazilian equipment manufacturing company, introduced four new products this year, all available through Staalmeester and showcased at NAMPO 2024. They are the JF 1150 AT Forage Harvester, the JF 2300 AT Forage Harvester, the JF Spin 3000 S2 rake and tedder combo and the JF Maestro 600 Fertiliser Spreader.

Staalmeester imports from eleven countries, exports to 18 African countries through agents, and is considered a market leader for more than 108 products.

Hendri de Korte (depot manager at Staalmeester) with the JF Spin 3000 S2 rake and tedder combo. This versatile piece of equipment spreads forage evenly for quicker and homogeneous drying.
Rafael Prado (JF Maquinas export manager for Africa, Asia and Europe) with some of the JF equipment that was on show at NAMPO. On the left is the JF Taurus 9m³ Forage Wagon. Behind him is the JF Silo Master, a forage bagger for the producer who wants a simple operational storage process. On the right is the JF 2300 AT Forage Harvester.
Leonard Olivier (marketer for Limpopo and Mpumalanga) says the JF 1150 AT is a producer’s favourite solution for harvesting grasses. It has twelve chop sizes with easy shifting.
Manufactured locally, the Staalmeester 6116/18 Hammer Mill is dust free and has an adjustable closing plate and a large and sturdy infeed tray.