Case IH makes NAMPO visitors feel at home with technology

Valerie Cilliers, editor, SA Graan/Grain
Published: 5 June 2024


As agriculture continues to evolve, Case IH remains committed to supporting producers with innovative machinery. And there was no better place to showcase the latest technology in their stall than at the NAMPO Harvest Day.

Case IH Optum tractor
Positioned between the Magnum and Puma tractor series, the Optum emphasises precision and efficiency. It was manufactured at the St. Valentin factory in Austria and features a 6,7-liter FPT six-cylinder engine delivering 202 to 225 kW. Its variable Case IH CVX transmission ensures versatility for various tasks. Whether you’re attaching a baler, spreader, planter, or engaging in cultivation, spraying, or transport, the Optum is able to pull up to 10 tons.

Inside the cab, the Optum offers a quiet and comfortable experience, featuring a multi-control armrest and reactive steering. With calibrated power for heavy-duty operations, the Optum competes effectively in its class, especially when factors like traction and grip are critical. Dual wheels enhance traction, and the adjustable width between the wheels allows customisation based on specific farming needs.

Connect Room and data-driven solutions
For the first time at NAMPO, visitors were able to explore the Connect Room, where it was demonstrated how effective data utilisation can enhance farming practices. The Connect Room is a pivotal component of Case IH’s connected services, enabling a shift from reactive to proactive support for producers. It provides continuous monitoring of connected machines around the clock. It further provides data analysis through product experts who analyse data generated by connected machines. When potential issues arise, automatic alerts are sent to the customer, the branch/dealer and the Connect Room, allowing immediate action to prevent downtime.

By combining power, efficiency and technology, Case IH recognises the importance of sustainable farming practices, and their newly launched products align with their vision to make farming more productive by providing smart farming equipment and solutions.

The newly launched Case IH Optum is available in both 270 CVT and 300 CVT models.
Diederik Husselmann (AG aftersales connected services manager) in the Connect Room display at NAMPO.
Case IH product specialist Bertus Barkhuizen with the Case IH 2120 Early Riser, launched at NAMPO. This planter is designed for precision planting and is available in six and eight rows with 30-inch row spacing. The Early Riser 2120 ensures accurate seed spacing and depth, creating a flat-bottom seed trench for uniform emergence and maximised yields.