AGI delivers a complete grain solution for Modderbult Farm

Dwight Botha, Sales Manager – South Africa, Sales development - Sub Sahara and East Africa


About AGI
For over 30 years, AGI’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) division has provided manufacturing solutions that meet the unique needs of key grain, rice, and fertilizer producing areas . From initial design, to manufacturing, to installation, AGI has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for turnkey and custom full-system solutions.

Project background
Modderbult Farm has a long history in South Africa, with a reputation for quality that has been built over many decades. Today, the father-and-son team of Pieter and Dawie Brits, who have been farming together for almost 20 years, grow maize and soybeans, along with the more recent addition of a cattle ranch and broiler houses.

At the beginning of 2021, Pieter and Dawie set out to address the issue of the high cost of transporting their grain from the farm to local commercial silos. They identified the need to set up their own grain storage facility on the farm and contacted AGI for a complete solution.

Pieter, Henrihet and Dawie Brits
From the left: Cristiano Carpin VP of EIA – EMEA, India, APAC, Dwight Botha Sales Manager, South Africa, Dawie Brits Farmer at Modderbult, Pieter Brits Farmer at Modderbult and Willie Coetzee Sales Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Meeting the challenge
Like many others in their position, Pieter and Dawie were looking for more than just a supplier; they were hoping to find a partner. – someone who they can collaborate with to help them achieve their business goals, efficiently and cost-effectively.

AGI was able to take Pieter and Dawie’s vision and bring it fully to life. This included recommending the right choice of equipment for the application, carefully assessing the costs, benefits, and risks, and in the end, delivering a fully customized solution.

Project details and equipment
To meet Modderbult’s requirements, AGI’s plan included the installation of two flat bottom silos at 2,500 tons each, chain conveyors with loading and unloading capacities of 120 t/h, a bucket elevator, and a fully automated temperature sensing system.

An AGI MPL 120 classifier cleaner was also included in the design, to provide Modderbult the means to clean various commodities and deliver a high-quality product. After the commodities have been cleaned, the by-products are kept to feed Modderbult’s cattle, which in turn, add additional value to their farming practice.

Equipment list:

  • 2 Flat bottom silos
  • Chain conveyors
  • Bucket elevator
  • AGI MPL 120 Classifier cleaner
  • Temperature sensing system

This new installation has increased Modderbult’s storage capacity to 5,000 tonnes and AGI was able to deliver this complete solution within record time, allowing the farm to continue their operations without interruption. After the success of this project, Modderbult has placed another order to expand its capacity to 15,000 tonnes. The farm will be adding two additional 5,000 tonne silos expected to be completed in 2025.

“After working with Dwight and the team at AGI for many years, they understand our needs and walk the path with us, offering their expertise on a range of products and services with modern solutions. They were very happy to implement changes, always providing practical and valuable advice.” – Dawie Brits, Modderbult Farm

AGI Solution: Our expertise
When planning the solution, AGI gave careful consideration to the sensitive nature of the main crop: soya beans – and the silos were designed to deliver maximum storage efficiency, as well as effective protection for Modderbult’s grain harvests.

It’s just one more example of how AGI is helping farmers all over the EMEA region propel their operations forward, drawing on the company’s 30-plus years’ experience, to provide solutions tailored specifically to farmers’ needs.

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