Efficient field preparation with new 8,0 m high speed disc

Grethe Bestbier, Agrico
Published: 27 September 2023


With ever increasing pressure on South African producers to lower their input costs and raise their yields, it becomes crucial to invest in equipment that enables efficient and effective field preparation within the shortest time frame possible. Agrico has excelled in providing this experience with the HSD630 (High Speed Disc).

Agrico’s latest 8,0 m model HSD630 has been meticulously designed to enable the coverage of a maximum number of hectares in minimal time, all accomplished with a single machine and tractor.

A rich history of tillage
The HSD630 series of high speed discs has proven itself to be a trustworthy tillage partner over the years. Agrico introduced the first HSD in 2017, and it quickly became a resounding success among South African producers. The initial models, available in widths of 2,5 m, 3,2 m and 4,0 m, were highly regarded in the industry. Following its triumph, Agrico introduced a 5,0 m model and later a 6,3 m model.

Now, the innovative Agrico team has taken a step further by developing their largest HSD yet, featuring an impressive width of 8,0 m. This model is ideal for the 200 kW to 280 kW tractor sector and has a folding frame with a unique push-to-fold cylinder configuration. The discs are the well-known 630 mm notched type, protected by the trusted rubber reset mechanism.

What makes the Agrico HSD stand out amongst its competitors?
Efficiency is key for producers who aim to maximise their productivity while keeping labour and fuel costs in check. With the HSD’s ability to operate at speeds of up to 16 km/h – almost double that of a traditional disc harrow – producers can cultivate twice as many hectares in the same time frame, using nearly the same kilowatts and diesel consumption.

Johan Myburgh, head mechanical engineer at Agrico, emphasises the importance of producers working efficiently and sowing their crops as close to the ideal time as possible, often within a limited time frame.

‘With rising costs, farmers tend to switch to bigger tractors and bigger implements. Big machinery requires less labour, less maintenance, and gives the farmer better control. Farmers want to get through their hectares as fast as possible, and cultivate more hectares with less equipment,’ says Myburgh. ‘This is precisely where the need for the 8,0 m HSD arose.’

Agrico added the 8,0 m model to their high speed disc line-up.

Agrico focuses on moving forward with their customers. They understand the needs of Southern African producers and their implements are manufactured locally to fit farmers’ needs exactly.

‘The requirements of tools in Africa are different to those of Europe. We know African conditions and know the challenges of the farmer,’ Myburgh adds.

A design based on the success of previous models
The design process of the 8,0 m HSD was spearheaded by Cornel Fourie, a mechanical design engineer at Agrico and the chief designer behind the implement. Fourie states that the design builds upon the success of its predecessors, particularly the 6,3 m model.

‘The 8,0 m model is just an extension of the 6,3 m, so the design took less time as much of it was already in place. The two larger models go hand in hand with each other,’ says Fourie.

Key features of the Agrico high speed disc

  • The frame is foldable with hydraulic control for easy transport.
  • The disc is trailed, and not mounted on the tractor’s three-point like the smaller models.
  • The unique design of the larger discs and spacing of 315 mm between them provide cost-effective operation with very good material flow.
  • Fifty-four 630 mm diameter chopped discs reduce wear.
  • Improved material flow is achieved with the help of the smart design and optimal spacing of the chopped discs.
  • A robust frame ensures a durable tool with an extended life.

Discs that make a difference
‘I think the big secret of the HSD’s success is the aggressive angle at which the discs operate and the rubber springs to which they are attached,’ says Fourie.

‘The springs protect the discs, frame, and bearings. If a disc hits a stone, it breaks away and resets itself immediately. The work can continue uninterrupted and without damage.’

Furthermore, the rear roller, which assists in setting the working depth, contributes to a finely prepared seedbed and optimal mixing of the topsoil.

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