Largest high-speed disc harrow on show

Published: 31 March 2023


For more than 100 years, Agrico has never stopped innovating. Every year we adapt, grow and improve our offering. This year, we are excited to showcase our largest high-speed disc harrow yet, with a width of 8 m for more efficient tillage!

Agrico adds 8,0 m-model to their high-speed disc line-up
The Agrico HSD630 series of high-speed discs has proven itself to be a trustworthy tillage partner over the five years.

With ever increasing pressure on South African producers to lower their input costs and raise their yields, it is important to ensure you have the most effective equipment to ensure that your field preparation is done in the shortest amount of time and as effectively as possible.

We as Agrico understand this and that is the reason why we have added an 8,0 m-model to our HSD630 line-up to ensure that the most hectares can be covered in the least amount of time with one machine and one tractor, meaning less tracks in your field.

The 8,0 m-HSD630 is ideal for the 200 kW to 280 kW tractor sector which is so popular and has a folding frame with a unique push-to-fold cylinder configuration. The discs are the well-known 630 mm notched type, protected by the trusted rubber reset mechanism.

Web control with GPS for the modern-day farmer
The Agrico Tower Controller in conjunction with an Agrico Advanced RAIN centre pivot controller and an Agrico Pump Controller provides you with fully automatic dynamic water pressure control. The tower controller with GPS not only provides accurate pivot positioning information, but adds a crucial moving point of pressure measurement to better the dynamic control.

Dynamic control considers multiple system pressure measurements at key locations to vary the speed of one or more pumps in order to minimise energy usage of a pumping configuration while ensuring that minimum pressure requirements are met.

A recently published case study on a 40-ha centre pivot with a total field elevation of 21 m yielded a 28% energy saving when compared to a traditional control strategy.

Agrico’s theft-resistant 101 mm G4 pivot
The Agrico G4 centre pivot is a radical new design with a focus on structural integrity and theft prevention. Theft is prevented by placing all electrical cable and components inside of the structure of the machine, where it is not accessible to thieves.

It has an entirely new design and was done with the help of the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software and simulations to ensure a structure that can withstand the toughest of conditions. The 101 mm pipe diameter pivots are available in one- and two-tower machines with spans of up to 50 m and overhangs of up to 25 m long, covering areas of up to 1,8 and 5 ha, respectively. Visit our NAMPO stand to see the smallest G4 with 101 mm diameter pipes.

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The largest HSD yet will be showcased at NAMPO – at 8,0 m wide, it truly is a beast of tillage efficiency.